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August 12, 2011

Free SMS Site

This site will allow you send free SMS across India in at the most 270 characters. Enough na??? So what more? Stop thinking & register here which is offered free of cost. This site is far better then way2sms, 160by2sms, fullonsms or free121sms as they support only 140 characters at the most and loads page with meaningless advertisements… So Hurrry up & enjoy SMSing!

Here is the link below :-

But, I’m disappointed to reveal that this site is in alpha mode & has technical issues. The greatest disadvantage is that one can send only 5 SMS, at the most, in a day. So, if you want to send more SMS, then just register yourself freely at –
It’s far better in terms of functionalty in comparison to You can find different categories of SMS which you’d definitely like to forward it to your friends/family members.