Prince of Persia : The Two Thrones


GUARD. Most numerously and most often appearing enemy, armed with the long, curved saber. Individually or in the small company, is standing on guard guarding everything literally: passages, alleys, squares, corridors, roofs and palace chambers. It is the typical muscleman attacking with no subtle method, with simple cuts with saber and kicking sometimes. It is fairly difficult to defeat but you may take him by surprise (speed kill attack).
SAND GUARD. He is appearing only in the neighborhood of the Sand Gate, with skills and weapons not to differ from ordinary Guards. The only thing that is distinguishing him from is the red smock under the amour. Alarmed, immediately runs to the magic pile and sticks the saber into it, calling for reinforcements. For this reason he should be the prince’s first goal during the fight for every Sand Gate. Luckily it is possible to eliminate him to death with lightening speed, using the speed kill attack.
THRALL. He is taking the place of Guard in later levels of the game. This mighty muscleman is attired with the amour (although there are specimen with naked torso), and carries the iron headgear on the head. Equipped with the saber, the mace or the hatchet, is able to inflict considerable wounds. He is significantly stronger than the Guard and more resistant to blows. The fight against him is lasting the longer, and speed kill attack usually requires the bigger amount of cuts comparing to his weaker comrade. 
ARCHER. Other the most popular enemy in the game, wearing the birdlike mask on the face, equipped with the arch and the infinite amount of arrows. Although weaker than the Guard, he may constitute the real threat, especially when he is shooting from hard accessible place. In direct clash he has no chances at all so you may eliminate him using the speed kill attack.
HUNTER HOUND. He appears most often in groups consisting 3-4 pieces. This creature is reminding of no traditional hound, but rather bloodthirsty hound. This large beast is attacking with claws and he is biting, however it isn’t especially dangerous. The most dangerous feature of him is the skill “of sucking up” sands of time from ducal slots. The speed kill attack is no use.
REPTUS. The man mutated with the reptilian element, appearing mostly in cellars, channels, dark corridors etc. Equipped with the large hatchet is able to inflict severe wounds although he is moderate resistant to blows. He isn’t applying sophisticated tactics of the fight however he is very determined. There are places where prince has to fight a dozen or so Reptus. The speed kill attack is no use.
ILLUSIONS. The fight from the distance is this enemy’s advantage undoubtedly. He possesses the endless stock of knives whom, is throwing extremely relevantly. Moreover he is moving with lightening speed after throws to the other region of the location in order to repeat the attack from the distance. The problem is to catch the illusion however when you manage to hit it, it turns out to be a little demanding enemy. The speed kill attack is no use.
ENCHANTRESS. Speed and the dancer’s finesse – you may characterize the enchantress with these words. Using the combination of kicks and cuts with two long blades, she is able to inflict many wounds. The speed kill attack is no use. She isn’t too resistant and therefore a few accurate blows are downing her to the ground. Her revolving kicks are dangerous, it may throw away the hero over the rail of the balcony. The attack in the group is also her advantage. Thanks to big speed of inflicting strikes, a few enchantresses may surround the prince and kill him before he will do anything.
CHAMELEON. In the demoniacal helmet on the face, naked torso and sharp as razor blade he seems to be the difficult enemy but these are only appearances. The invisibility is his only advantage in principle and he looses it after first hit. He prefers both open spaces, and dark, tight chambers of palaces and temples. He is not serious threat. Speed kill attack is no use.




The Ramparts
Harbor District
The Streets of Babylon
The Palace Balcony
The Palace
The Throne Room
The Trapped Hallway
The Ruined Palace
The Royal Chambers
The Sewers
The Tunnels
The Fortress
The Lower City
The Lower City Rooftops
The Arena
The Arena Tunnel
The Balconies
The Dark Alley
The Temple Rooftops
The Temple
The Marketplace
The Market District
The Bowery
The Brothel
The Plaza
The Upper City
The City Gardens
The Canal
The Promenade
The Royal Workshop
The King’s Road
The Palace Entrance
The Hanging Gardens
The Structure’s Mind
The Well of Ancestors
The Labyrinth
The Underground Cave
The Royal Kitchen
The Secret Passage
The Lower Tower
The Middle Tower
The Upper Tower
The Terrace
The Mental Realm


During the game you will fight a few bosses. They have one thing in common (apart from Golem) the red energy bar displayed during the fight on the bottom of the screen. These figures are significantly more powerful than standard hostile warriors and every attempt of the standard, frontal attack usually ends with death. To defeat the boss is possible only with method, and the discovery of his weak point is the player’s first task.

KLOMPA. He appears on the level 15. The arena. Gigantic warrior with long tongue and yet longer sword. He is tough like the rock, and therefore it is senseless to approach him in the initial stage of the fight.

Fight with Klompa consists of two stages.

First stage: the prince is climbing the high platform taking advantage of sticking out elements of the arena and he is jumping to the giant’s head twice gouging giants eyes out with the dagger.

The second stage: the prince is finishing the dazzled and helpless boss from the ground level banging over shins.

MAHASTI. She appears on the level 24. The Brothel. The warrior in the white-purple uniform is extremely quick, nimble and dangerous. She may use blades wielded in hands well, moreover her revolving kicks are extremely hard.

The fight against Mahasti consists of two stages.

First stage: taking advantage of the whole range of blows from air and the extra weapon the prince takes out about of enemy’s life.

Second stage: after transformation into the Dark Prince the hero is chasing Mahasti over platforms of the backyard, at key moments slowing down the time with the Eye of Storm.

GOLEM. He appears on the level 27. The City Gardens. The large, green monster is made from the stone probably, and therefore piercing through the skin is no use. As other bosses he has his weak point – calves.

The fight against Golem consists of two stages.

First stage: the prince is circulating the boss all around and is attacking his calves forcing to kneel. He is jumping on his head then and he is sticking the dagger into the neck.

Second stage: the hero is driving dazed with pain, speeding Golem so he didn’t fall into the wall. The boss is falling finally dead after a dozen or so severe switchbacks and a few broken gates.

TWINS. They appear on the level 31. The King’s Road. One of brothers is equipped with powerful hatchet, the other one – large saber. They usually surround their victim during the fight attacking at the same time from both sides.

The fight against Twins consists of two stages.

First stage: the prince is rounding the enemy with the saber provoking his brother’s attack. The enemy is sticking the hatchet into the ground and is not able to take it out for a longer moment. It is possible in this time to inflict a number of deep wounds on him.

Second stage: after taking about half of energy bar out of axeman the hero may execute the speed kill attack seriously wounding twins (particularly the warrior with the saber). Second speed kill, deadening twins finally, is executed after taking about 3/4 of energy bar out of axeman.

VIZIER. He appears on the level 43. The Terrace. Most important and at the same time most difficult boss. His strength lies in magic skills rather than in fitness and in the ability to levitate. It is hard to get him.

The fight against the vizier consists of three stages..

First stage: the boss is attacking with single although heavy blows. After executing the sidestep (jump or roll over) Prince is counterpunching the Vizier with combo, after which is withdrawing back to wait until the next attack. After a few successful actions and taking about the 1/3 energy bar out of daemon, the hero is forcing him to retreat.

Second stage: the Vizier force columns and walls pieces to move and fly a few meters above the arena. Prince, avoiding boss’ magical missiles and the contact with monstrous rubble is running vertically on columns behind the enemy’s back initiating attacks from them. Every triple speed kill is inflicting serious wounds to the Vizier. Three such actions and the boss withdraws from the battlefield again.

Third stage: the Vizier hanging high above the arena is raising all circling pieces off wall upwards. In order to get him the hero has to clamber up levitating crumbs and jumping one by one to reach the boss. The prince is executing final speed kill after reaching the peak and the Vizier is dying.

FREE-FORM FIGHTING.The complex system letting the prince defeat enemies by applying defensive-offensive technologies with usage of available weapon and the usage of elements of the environment (walls, poles, rails etc.). Linking single blows freely and combos made from few dozen of blows, the player is creating his own, unique style of fight. The control of the prince’s movements is performed with both mouse buttons and action keys („E”, “C” and the space by default).
SPEED KILL. Instant attack from surprise, letting put the enemy to death, before the he is manages to react. It is possible execute when the screen is beginning to glitter in the peculiar way. The correct speed kill execution while playing the prince is to push the attack button in suitable moment i.e. when the blade will shine. If you play the Dark Prince it will be enough to press the attack button quick after speed kill activation and the hero will kill the enemy automatically. 

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